12 Ann Siang

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12 Ann Siang is the overachiever of establishments. Where multi-label stores are a dime a dozen, it has gone ahead to become a multi-concept space, housing eateries like Coriander Leaf Grill, speakeasy-style bar Catchfly, and boutique film theater Screening Room.

12 Ann Siang Road,
Singapore 069692

Coriander Leaf Grill
Mon-thurs 11am-12pm,
Fri 12am-12pm,
Sat 4pm-1am,
Closed on Sundays

6532 3357

Mon-Thurs 6pm-1am,
Fri-Sat 6pm-3am,
Closed on Sundays

6222 7183

Movie Screenings
Mon-Thu 7:00pm & 9.30pm
Fri & Sat 8.30pm

6532 3357

Rooftop bar
Mon to Thu 5:30pm till late
Fri & Sat 5pm till late

6221 1694