The Stage

14, Jalan Kelabu Asap


An aural sonic space dedicated to homegrown music.

Showcasing some of Singapore's finest musicians and local entertainment artistes, The Stage will present intimate acoustic sessions, sound art installations, immersive digital art shows and DJ and music production workshops. Participating artists and vendors include Glen Wee, Intriguant, weish, Abby Simone X MMLD, Adia Tay, Tim De Cotta, Axel Serik, Ritz Ang & Yangermeister and POP Studio DJ. Nibble-bits are provided by BAOBAO, Birds of Paradise and Elite Bar Solutions.

Happening in The Stage:
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Ableton Workshop – Book Ticket
Axel Serik


Stories I Never Told You – Book Ticket
Glenn Wee

Acoustic Session – Book Ticket
Adia Tay

Live Performance – Book Ticket
Abby Simone x MMLD

Live Performance – Book Ticket
Tim De Cotta

Live Performance – Book Ticket

Live Performance – Book Ticket

Key Pad Showcase (Free)
Action Figs

Various activities by Chiu Piano (Free)

Design Thinking in Artisanal Piano Making
by Chiu Piano's Nicholas Chiu

Acoustic Sessions with Chiu Piano - Somewhat Indulgent
by Chiu Piano's Yvonne Teo

Acoustic Sessions with Chiu Piano
by Chiu Piano's Amery Harith Reuben


Free admission to all houses (except the Playground)
Opens 10am - 8pm on weekends (10 - 11, 17 - 18 March)

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